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3rd annual Melanin Minds conference

In a significant chapter of my journey, I had the honor of serving as a speaker at the 3rd Annual Melanin Minds Conference. During this pivotal event, I also co-facilitated a thought-provoking Community Talk Circle—a space that seamlessly blended discussions, rituals, traditions, and community collective principles for decision-making.

The goals set forth for this unique experience were both profound and enlightening. They included teaching participants how to create a safe and open environment for discussion in group settings, imparting the wisdom of integrating aspects of the Mexica talk circle into various facets of life and fostering a broader understanding of one another within a community setting.

This endeavor was not just an informative session; it was a transformative experience. I was entrusted with the special task of holding space for the profound emotions that emerged from everyone involved. The discussions were not just dialogues; they were catalysts for deep introspection and connection.

I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Melanin Minds, a trailblazing organization dedicated to providing mental health resources that educate, amplify, and create accessible spaces for personal and professional development within BIPOC communities.

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