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HER TIME TO PLAY: Accepting the Heros Among Us Award

Women, stand up!

Women of color, stand up!

Female athletes, stand up because it's "HER TIME TO PLAY" Psychotherapists and social workers, stand up! ALL MY HAITIANS STAND UP!

The Heroes Among Us award holds a special place in the hearts of the Boston Celtics and their community. Launched in 1997 by the Celtics, this program seeks to recognize remarkable individuals who have left a lasting mark on the lives of those around them.

This prestigious award is a tribute to those whose unwavering commitment and compassionate nature have brought about extraordinary and enduring changes within our community. During each home game, the Celtics and their passionate fans come together to celebrate the outstanding contributions of these extraordinary individuals. These heartfelt recognitions take place on the iconic parquet floor, making it a truly memorable moment for both the honorees and the entire Celtics community.

Words cannot truly encapsulate all the emotions I've felt since receiving that phone call about the award. I was confused... I'm not a hero, I just do what I was called to do. I'm passionate about the work that I do and driven to make a true impact at every opportunity. I'm appreciative and honored to have been nominated and chosen by the Celtics.

Thank you to my family and my friends. You guys have supported and encouraged me tremendously along the way. ❤️ I truly work my butt off, and you guys always know what to say to help keep me going.

They say I'm A Hero Among Us... thank you 🙏🏾

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