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Maternal Mental Health : Insights from GBH's Wake Up Well Series

In our recent conversation on GBH's Wake Up Well series, we explored the often unspoken struggles of motherhood and mental health. Joining GBH for their Wake Up Well series provided an opportunity for a discussion about the realities faced by mothers today.

Unveiling the Realities:

Motherhood is a unique journey, filled with both love and challenges. As the discussion unfolded on GBH, it became clear that behind the joyous moments lie complex emotions, such as anxiety and depression, often overlooked. Startling statistics revealed a significant prevalence of anxiety disorders among pregnant and postpartum women. Furthermore, in a world reshaped by the pandemic, traditional motherhood roles have expanded, increasing the strain on mental well-being. This exploration shed light on how societal expectations and gender dynamics shape the mental health journey of mothers, emphasizing the importance of understanding and empathy.

Community is Strength, Strength is Community:

During the discussion, the concept of "mom guilt" was brought up. This term encapsulates the overwhelming feelings of guilt that mothers often experience, stemming from every aspect of their lives that doesn't revolve around their children. Understanding and addressing mom guilt is essential in promoting maternal mental well-being.

The power of community in nurturing maternal well-being was highlighted. Whether found in wellness centers, workplaces, or faith-based institutions, these communal spaces serve as support systems. By fostering connections and empathy, we pave the way for collective healing and resilience.

Partners play a crucial role in the journey of motherhood. While their support is invaluable, there is a need for greater awareness and empathy towards the complexities of maternal caregiving. Acknowledging the unseen labor and emotional toll of motherhood, partners become invaluable allies in holistic well-being.

As Mother's Day approaches, it's essential to extend compassion to all mothers, including those who have faced adversity. Offering support without expecting solutions resonates deeply with our ethos. At Wellness for Our Future LLC, we remain committed to nurturing emotional wellness in every aspect of motherhood, celebrating the resilience and strength inherent in every maternal journey.


In the spirit of solidarity and compassion, let us echo the affirmation: "I deserves support — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically." Together, let us cultivate a world where every mother feels valued and empowered on her journey.

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